About Wesley Brown, a native of Columbia, SC, became fascinated with photography at an early age. He could often be found behind the lens of his aunt's Minolta x-700 35 mm camera. As he got older he explored various career interests, educating himself in everything from training in funeral services to driving trucks. As a commercial truck driver, he was able to temporarily fulfill his desire to travel. Driving gave him the opportunity to see this beautiful country and all its many landmarks. Wesley’s travels furthered his desire to capture every moment and cherish its beauty. Eventually, Wesley made his way back to his first true love of photography.

In 2013, he completed the photography program at Randolph Community College where he learned the basic fundamentals of photography, and realized that his strengths were in photojournalism. Wesley completed internships with the University of North Carolina at Greensboro and MadMonk Interactive, where he gained real world experience working with reporters to cover feature stories and breaking news, shooting and editing multimedia projects, and providing photography for websites, and promotional materials.

His captivating photographs of architecture, animals, landscapes, events, and people highlight his unique techniques and eye for artistry in everyday situations, paving the way for Captured Camera Creations, LLC.